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Extension Installation

There are serval ways to install Swow extension

By Composer

You can fetch swow source with composer:

composer require swow/swow

At vendor/bin, there will be a script file swow-builder, use it to install Swow.

# Compiles extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder

# Compiles extension and specify the php-config path
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --php-config=/path/to/php-config

# Show help
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --help

# Simulate running, used to view the compilation command
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --dry-run

# Show full compilation log
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --show-log

# Do not ask during the compilation process (such as whether to install)
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --quiet

# Clean and compile extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --clean

# Re-configure and clean and compile extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --rebuild

# Compile and install extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --install

# Compile and install extension with administrator privileges
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --install --sudo

# Clean and compile and install extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --clean --install

# Re-configure and clean and compile and install extension
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --rebuild --install

# Re-configure and compile and install extension and manually specify that some features are enabled
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --rebuild --install --ssl --curl

# Compile and install extension and open the extension debug mode
php vendor/bin/swow-builder --install --debug

When using swow-builder to install, the program will ask and try to use administrator privileges to install Swow extension to the system path at the end, at this time sudo may ask you for the administrator password to install Swow to the system directory.

Install program will output similar instructions during installation:

/usr/bin/env php -d extension=/path/to/your-project/vendor/swow/swow/ext/modules/ --ri swow

You can copy the instruction and run it in the command line to check if Swow is installed successfully.

You can also refer to it to run your program, instead of adding the so to the global ini configuration file, the benefit of this is that you can use different Swow versions in different projects.

Use -d to load Swow Extension is recommended: php -d extension=swow

Configure Arguments

  1. PHP type compile arguments should be specified when compiling PHP

  2. DEBUG type compile arguments need to enable --debug first to take effect

  3. --enable or --with arguments mostly support path parameters after equal sign

  4. Builder Alias is the alias of the argument when using swow-builder

Option Alias in Builder Type Platform Description
--with-php-config=<path> --php-config=<path>     指定php-config路径
--enable-debug   PHP   打开PHP的调试模式,需要在编译PHP时指定,在编译Swow时指定无效
--enable-swow       启用Swow扩展的编译(默认启用)
--enable-debug-pack     Windows 打开扩展的的debug pack构建,用于Windows下Release版本PHP的Swow调试,编译Swow时指定,不能与--enable-debug一同使用
--enable-swow-debug --debug     启用DEBUG编译
--eanble-swow-memory-sanitizer --msan Debug Unix-like 启用memory-sanitizer帮助底层进行内存分析
--enable-swow-address-sanitizer --asan Debug Unix-like 启用address-sanitizer帮助底层进行内存分析
--enable-swow-undefined-sanitizer --ubsan Debug Unix-like 启用undefined-sanitizer帮助底层进行未定义行为分析
--enable-swow-gcov --gcov Debug Unix-like 启用GCOV支持,用于支持统计C代码覆盖率
--enable-swow-valgrind --valgrind Debug Linux 启用Valgrind支持(默认检测到有则自动启用)
--enable-swow-thread-context --thread-context     使用线程而不是boost-context作为协程上下文管理
--enable-swow-ssl --ssl     启用SSL支持,需要OpenSSL(默认检测到有则自动启用)
--enable-swow-curl --curl     启用cURL支持,需要libcurl(默认检测到有则自动启用)

Manually Build and Install (UNIX-like or cygwin, msys, wsl)

First prepare PHP developement prerequisites (You need PHP headers, phpize, php-config etc)

Prepare (UNIX)

If only you need cURL hook or ssl support


# debian and its variant like ubuntu, kali, armbian, raspbian, deepin, uos
apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev
# fedora, rhel 8, centos 8
dnf install libcurl-devel openssl-devel
# legacy fedora, rhel 6/7, centos 6/7
yum install libcurl-devel openssl-devel
# archlinux and its variant like manjaro, archlinuxarm, blackarch
pacman -S curl openssl
# alpine
# if it warns "openssl1.1-compat-dev-1.1.1xxx: conflicts", install curl-dev only
apk add curl-dev openssl-dev
# opensuse, suse
zypper install libcurl-devel libopenssl-devel


brew install curl openssl

Run export PKG_CONFIG_PATH.... according to the brew hint.

You will need this whenever you build Swow, appending this into your bashrc is recommended.

Build and Install

Download tarball or git-clone source, in your terminal, and run these commands to build and install. for build args, see instrutions below

# fetch source
git clone swow
cd swow/ext
# generate configure
# execute configure, for build args, see below
# make it, use -jx to make concurrency
make -j4
# install it, if your prefix is not in system path, "sudo" can be omitted
sudo make install

Use -d to load Swow Extension is recommanded: php -d extension=swow

Manually Build and Install (Windows)

Prepare MSVC

Choose your MSVC version. For example, If your php is downloaded from, with PHP 8.0.1 “VS16 x64 Non Thread Safe”, you need VS16 version, aka Visual Studio 2019.

VC version VS version Note
VS17 2022  
VS16 2019 Install VS2019 or install VS2022 with VS2019 toolset
VC15 2017 Install VS2017 or install VS2019 with VS2017 toolset
VC14 2015 Install VS2015 or install VS2017 with VS2015 toolset

Prepare devpack

Download devpack from PHP Windows download page: Find your version’s “Development package (SDK to develop PHP extensions)”

Extract it to any path (e.g. C:\php-8.0.1-devel-vs16-x64)

Prepare php-sdk-binary-tools

Clone php-sdk-binary-tools from ofically PHP to any path (e.g. C:\php-sdk-binary-tools)

git clone

Prepare (Windows)

Find dependencies from<vc version like "vc15" or "vs16">/<arch like "x64">/

Make sure the version is matched with your extension. Unmatched dep version may cause strange problems like segfault, stuck, and corrupt behavior. Files in may help.

Extract to any path (e.g. C:\deps)

If the extracted dir is at the same level where Swow extension source locates, you can omit --with-php-build below.

i.e. Swow is at C:\swow, Its extension code is at C:\swow\ext, deps is at C:\swow\deps.


Open PHP SDK cmd.

For metioned PHP8.0 VS16 x64 NTS: run C:\php-sdk-binary-tools\phpsdk-vs16-x64.bat

In the opened window, run the following commands

git clone swow
CD swow\ext
REM C:\php-8.0.1-devel-vs16-x64 is the path we prepared before
configure.bat --enable-swow --with-php-build=C:\deps

When the build is done, copy the built php_swow.dll (in the architecture dir like “x64”) into your extension_dir (In default it’s ext dir at the same dir of your php.exe or “C:\php\ext”, see your PHP release note for detail)

Use -d to load Swow Extension is recommanded: php -d extension=swow