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This is automatic generated document for things in Swow\Psr7\Utils\FactoryTrait class

Trait FactoryTrait


protected static $builtinPsr17Factory protected static $requestFactory protected static $responseFactory protected static $serverConnectionFactory protected static $serverRequestFactory protected static $streamFactory protected static $uploadedFileFactory protected static $uriFactory


Static method getBuiltinPsr17Factory

public static function getBuiltinPsr17Factory ( ) : Psr17Factory

Static method getDefaultRequestFactory

public static function getDefaultRequestFactory ( ) : RequestFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultResponseFactory

public static function getDefaultResponseFactory ( ) : ResponseFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultServerConnectionFactory

public static function getDefaultServerConnectionFactory ( ) : ServerConnectionFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultServerRequestFactory

public static function getDefaultServerRequestFactory ( ) : ServerRequestFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultStreamFactory

public static function getDefaultStreamFactory ( ) : StreamFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultUploadedFileFactory

public static function getDefaultUploadedFileFactory ( ) : UploadedFileFactoryInterface

Static method getDefaultUriFactory

public static function getDefaultUriFactory ( ) : UriFactoryInterface

Static method setDefaultRequestFactory

public static function setDefaultRequestFactory ( RequestFactoryInterface $requestFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultResponseFactory

public static function setDefaultResponseFactory ( ResponseFactoryInterface $responseFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultServerConnectionFactory

public static function setDefaultServerConnectionFactory ( ServerConnectionFactoryInterface $serverConnectionFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultServerRequestFactory

public static function setDefaultServerRequestFactory ( ServerRequestFactoryInterface $serverRequestFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultStreamFactory

public static function setDefaultStreamFactory ( StreamFactoryInterface $streamFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultUploadedFileFactory

public static function setDefaultUploadedFileFactory ( UploadedFileFactoryInterface $uploadedFileFactory ) : void

Static method setDefaultUriFactory

public static function setDefaultUriFactory ( UriFactoryInterface $uriFactory ) : void

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