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This is automatic generated document for things in Swow\Debug namespace

Function buildTraceAsString

function buildTraceAsString ( array<array{file: string, line: int, function: string, class: string, type: string, args: array<mixed>}> $trace ) : string

build trace info from \Swow\Coroutine::getTrace() returns

See \Swow\Coroutine::getTrace()

Function isStrictStringable

function isStrictStringable ( mixed $value ) : bool

Function isStringable

function isStringable ( mixed $value ) : bool

Function registerDeadlockDetectorHandler

function registerDeadlockDetectorHandler ( ) : Handler

Function registerExtendedStatementHandler

function registerExtendedStatementHandler ( callable $handler , bool $force ) : \Swow\Utils\Handler

Function showExecutedSourceLines

function showExecutedSourceLines ( mixed $filter , bool $force ) : void

Function var_dump_return

function var_dump_return ( mixed ... $expressions ) : string


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