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This is automatic generated document for things in Swow\Selector class

Class Selector

channel selector selects any action done which action can be “pushing/poping T into/from (may be different) channel”

This class is a generic class. Template T


public EVENT_POP = 1 public EVENT_PUSH = 0


Method commit

public function commit ( int $timeout ) : \Swow\Channel<T>

do select

any actions in selector will make this return

content switching may happen here

Param int $timeout timeout in microseconds

Method fetch

public function fetch ( ) : mixed

Method getLastEvent

public function getLastEvent ( ) : int

Method pop

public function pop ( \Swow\Channel<T> $channel ) : static

add a “popping a T from $channel” action into selector

Method push

public function push ( \Swow\Channel<T> $channel , T $data ) : static

add a “pushing a T into $channel” action into selector

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